• CSM 2018 – Adventurous Fun for MoA+++

    The 2018 edition of the Canadian Ski Marathon took place last weekend and our intrepid Masters of Adventure group was out on the trails.  They sent this photo in to mark the occasion.  While they were out doing their thing, Chelsea Nordiq’s other adventure programs and members at large were also there on the trails.  We had skiers doing any number of sections as Tourers to Coureurs de Bois Bronze, […]

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  • Haywood NorAm Canadian Eastern Championships is this weekend

    Take note of the official website for Haywood NorAm Canadian Eastern Championships and stay up to date on all the fantastic photographs at this link: Race results will be available on Zone4.  Good luck to all the athletes!  Thanks to all our volunteers! This post is also available in: French

    This post is also available in: French

  • Thank you for coming out to the Chelsea Sprints

    It was a great day last Sunday when over 250 racers and volunteers staged the 5th annual Chelsea Sprints.  Add in all the spectators and the Meredith Centre snow park was humming with activity all day long.  With the sun rising, Lafleur’s did a superb job touching up the course early on Sunday in preparation for a series of King’s Court sprints.  We hope everyone had a wonderful time and […]

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  • January is nigh

    It’s that time of the ski season when you’re just getting your legs under you and feeling pretty comfortable on the trails.  For our racing crew, they’ve been on snow since mid-November and their race season is well under way.  That’s why it can be fun to take a rest day and enjoy the wonderful trails and cabins of Gatineau Park not as our training trails but for recreation.  So […]

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Cookie Beiner

March 10
P9 Parking Lot,
, ,
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Not from Webster's Dictionary (noun: cookie-bye-ner) Definition - A blatant rip-off of the famed Norwegian race, the Birkebeiner, ... or, less formally, an excuse to have fun!!! In this version, athletes ski from hut to hut in Gatineau Park, collecting delicious cookies baked by Chelsea Nordiqvolunteers at each stop. The objective is spring skiing fun. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend, and would be expected to accompany younger skiers. To add to the festive feel, everyone is invited to wear a costume or some fun apparel.

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