Uniforms 2018-2019

For 2018-2019, we have a variety of gear available.  Please know that you aren’t being forced to buy anything nor do you need everything at once.  Here is a simple guide for gradually getting kitted out:

As you or your family members starts their journey through the various programs and age groups, there is a way to build up your kit without needing to buy everything all at once.  Note that Jackrabbit programs do not require any Chelsea Nordiq apparel but hats are a great way to get started.

In order, people can purchase……..

  • First get a T-shirt…then
  • Second – Black Louis Garneau jacket (to go with store-bought warm-up pants) [all Adventurers, Track Attack (Atom, Peewee, Midget)]
  • Third – Uniform top and consider the ski hat
  • Fourth – Uniform bottom; Club training pants
  • Firth – Puffy coat

When are the fittings?

Click here for info!

What apparel for what program?

Uniforms for skiing.
All programs use the Louis Garneau Jacket, hat and neckwarmer.

For Jack Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit, All Adventure and All track attack 
*Louis Garneau jersey top and ski tight pants
*Louis Garneau jacket
*Podiumwear warm up pants (optional)

For Nordic Race and Biathlon Race athletes:
*Podiumwear race suit either one piece or 2 piece silver suit.
*Louis Garneau jacket
*Podiumwear warm up pants (optional)

Sports T-shirts for training and adventures for youth and parents (all members)

Puffy Jackets for staying warm and looking great!  For youth and parents (all members).  Makes a GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT!  But expect delivery in the January timeframe as these are custom made for us.

Club challenge to all members:  let’s fill the trails with Chelsea Nordiq everywhere!

Uniform Information For Nordic Race and Biathletes [PodiumWear]:

PodiumWear offers racing jersey and racing tights for the Nordiq Race and Biathlon teams only.  Please use the Louis Garneau online storefront for your race jacket.  See info below.

Due to cost and time constraints, Podiumwear is not able to provide
racers with a fit kit.  Please use the fitting chart for Unisex and
Women’s styles from the website  to measure carefully prior to ordering.
(Measure twice and order once!)  Please arrange to try on the uniform of
a racer who is similar in size to you at your next practice.

The Web Store is scheduled to open October 25th and will remain open
until November 7th at midnight (CST).  Please order promptly!

Here is the URL link to the online storefront:
https://www.podiumwear.com/team-storefront/chelsea-nordiq-1/     Use the
PASSWORD:  uniforms

Biathlon and Nordiq Race uniforms will be shipped by December 3rd and
distributed by Maurice Samm.

Please contact Sarah Murray with any uniform questions or concerns
about your order @ uniforms@chelseanordiq.ca.

Uniforms for all Adventurers, Track Attack (Atom, Peewee, Midget) [Louis Garneau]

Louis Garneau is the provider of uniforms for  all Adventurers and Track Attack (Atom, Peewee, Midget); jackets for Nordic Race and Biathlon are Louis Garneau as well.

Use the fittings to know what sizes you need and then go to the online storefront and order directly with Louis Garneau.

The Louis Garneau Uniform store is open now until Wednesday, Nov. 14th midnight (EST).  Please cut and paste the link below into your browser to purchase the 2018 uniforms and accessories.



1. Nov. 4th at 1:30pm at the Ski Swap (* sports T-shirts will be available for purchase as part of the swap –  $20 .  They look awesome!)
2. At the Open House Saturday Nov 10th 12:30 to 2pm

If you are not able to attend the fitting sessions, please measure
carefully and use the Louis Garneau Fit Guide @