Track Attack Peewee


The Track Attack Peewee program is for children aged 9 to 11 as of 31 December who enjoy being physically active in the outdoors and are motivated by the thought of flying down a ski trail, gliding along using skating and diagonal striding techniques.

The program aims to provide children with a toolbox of knowledge on how to develop their physical strength, power and endurance by having them participate in a variety of physical activities meant to be fun and challenging, all aiming towards the overall goal of the enjoyment of physically exerting one`s self in the sport of cross country skiing.  In the later part of the program, participants will compete in races hosted by area ski clubs that are meant to provide exciting tests of the skill and fitness improvements that participants have gained.

The program recognizes the characteristics of this group: the young age range (9 to 11), a range of ski experience and physical literacy, as well as the need for enough age peers and parental support.  Thus the program also aims to develop a community of friends and acquaintances with whom participants can work on developing their proficiency at skiing to a level that will enable them to enjoy pursuing this physically demanding sport.

The Track Attack program represents the Learning to Train stage of the Cross-Country Canada Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and as thus pursues the following objectives:

  • Improve technique and skills
  • Improve physical condition
  • Introduction to competitive skiing
  • Social interaction on skis
  • Discovering and enjoying Gatineau Park and the outdoors
  • Program Description
    The program consists of two parts: dry land training in the fall, and ski training once the snow arrives.

    Dry-land training:
    Activities embarked upon will include running games, hiking, strength training using body weight, stretching, orienteering, relays, fitness stations, scavenger hunts, geocaching, etc.

    On-snow training:
    Activities will include skiing, games, relays, and technique sessions.

    Starting in mid-January skiers will participate in a series of youth-focused xc ski races to test their improved ski-specific skills and fitness.

    At this age level, the main goal is for the children to develop their skiing technical ability in a fun, active, supportive environment so that they enjoy skiing and feel empowered when doing it.

  • Volunteering
    This program is run by volunteers and thus we welcome and need more volunteers to perform a variety of roles to help it run smoothly: coaches, assistant coaches, technique specialist coaches, game organizers, age-group managers, communications, and social-media coordinators. If there is a role that you feel that you could perform that would add to the program, please do not hesitate to suggest it. If volunteering with this program does not fit for you, the Chelsea Nordiq club still needs volunteers to run events such as the Ski Swap, Sprint Jeunesse race, and the Cookiebeiner.
  • Coaching
    Skiers are grouped based on their age and abilities. We wish to ensure that each skier can progress at their own pace while also creating the best possible group dynamic. Our coaches are certified volunteers to coach the Track Attack age category. Our coaches have also access to our professional Head Coach for training and coaching advice. For parents new to the program, there are opportunities to pursue coaching education.
  • Schedule
    The season usually starts during the month of September. Check the training website or contact the coordinator for the location and exact date.

    Training times are:

    • Saturday: 10:00 – 12:00
    • Thursday: 18:30 – 20:00
  • Location
    Training takes place at various locations in Gatineau Park.
    In the fall, Thursday evening practices are generally held at the field in front of Chelsea Elementary Public School. Once the snow arrives, the location of choice for Thursday evenings is at the Chalet des Erables in the Gatineau Park by way of Camp Fortune. Saturday locations are generally in the Gatineau Park but they will vary in order to explore a variety of differing terrains and thus experiences. Because weather and snow conditions vary, flexibility in location is required. The Chelsea Nordiq training website (put link here) will be kept up to date with training location.
  • Registration and Fees
    Registration for the season will begin early September. A mandatory family fee is charged in addition to the registration fees. Full fee and registration information can be found on our PROGRAMS main page.
  • Prior Experience
    Skiers are recommended to have reached a skill level equivalent to Level 3 in the Jack Rabbit program. Jackrabbit Level 3 skills are: Diagonal stride, Double poling, One-step double poling, Free skate, Downhill tuck, Diagonal skate, Kick turn, Skate turn.
  • Equipment and skiwear
    Ski equipment: All participants must be equipped with skis, poles and boots appropriate for their height and weight. We strongly recommend that participants have skate skiing equipment and classic skiing equipment. A fanny pack to carry water and snacks is also required. A head lamp and a small red light for the fanny pack are mandatory for night practices. Finally, participants must be dressed appropriately for physical activity in the outdoors. Proper equipment helps enjoy skiing.

    Dryland: All participants must have running shoes as well as a fanny pack to carry water and snacks. They must be dressed appropriately for physical activity in the outdoors.  They will also need old ski poles (armpit length) for ski bounding exercises during fall training.

    In November the club holds a ski swap. It is a great opportunity to purchase quality used ski gear.

    In the fall, there will be an opportunity to buy Chelsea Nordiq skiwear. Jackets, hats, tights, jerseys are all available to order. Chelsea Nordiq skiwear is not essential to participate in this program but does offer an opportunity to feel part of a team.

  • Information Meeting
    There is an important meeting for parents of Track Attack athletes, usually the last Saturday of September. The meeting will take place during practice from 10:00 to 12:00, location to be confirmed.


If you have questions unanswered by the information on this website, please contact the Program Coordinator.

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