Senior Adventure

Snr AdventureThe Senior Adventure Program is for 14 to 18 yrs olds (as of Dec.31st of the year in which the session starts) who want to be active, have fun and enjoy the outdoors. We do a number of activities throughout the fall and spring and when there is snow, we ski! Some of the activities we have done in the past include: orienteering, scavenger hunts, rock climbing, aerial park, bike rides, canoeing, hiking, fitness training and winter camping. With the Adventure program we love variety!

Our ski outings are focused on fun, fitness and building endurance. Our big event of the ski season is the Canadian Ski Marathon where most of our skiers will ski over 100 km and some of them complete the whole 160 km. Many of our first year skiers achieve great personal goals on this weekend. Our focus is on classic skiing so there is no need to purchase a set of skate boots and skis.

We post each meeting on the senior adventure calendar and describe what we will be doing and where. It is generally held in the Chelsea area but we also use the trails around Ottawa and Gatineau, as well as a few special trips. Our regular sessions are Wednesday night from 7:00 – 8:30 and Saturdays from 10:00 – 12:00. We have a few longer sessions but they are scheduled in advance so that you can plan for them.

Due to the number of additional activities we participate in, some of them require an additional fee. This is done to keep the registration cost down, and to make sure you don’t have to pay for what you don’t do. If there is an extra fee required, your membership does provide you a discounted group rate.
Being part of Chelsea Nordiq we also help out with club events such as the Ski Swap and the Cookie Beiner. We also welcome parents to ski with us as it improves the experience for all in terms of pacing, timing and supervision.

Come adventure with us!
If you have any additional questions, contact the Program Coordinator.

  • Training Schedule
    The season starts towards the end of September.  Practices are held on the following dates and times:

    • Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 am
    • Wednesday 7:00pm to 8:15 pm (once snow arrives, session will be 7:00pm to 8:30pm)
  • Training Location
    Training takes place at various locations in Gatineau Park. Please check the website
  • Registration and Fees
    Registration for the season begins late August or early September and is available online. Go to PROGRAMS to get specific dates, fees and registration links for the current year.

    A mandatory family fee is charged in addition to the registration fees. For details on the family fee, please go to Club Benefits.

  • This is a volunteer club, but I (as a parent) don't ski much, is that ok?
    Yes, It is a volunteer club, so if skiing is not your “thing” please do assist in other ways. Such as organizing a dry-land training activity, signing up to look after the logistics of a ski outing, volunteering to help at the cookie beiner. we’ll have a list of events that greatly benefit from your support.
  • Do kids need to be good skiers?
    No, some of the kids have come up through the Chelsea Nordiq program and are quite good, others are coming from a recreational ski background and occasionally there may be a participant who is new to XC skiing. Some level of fitness is certainly an asset, as is a positive attitude to learning new things and challenging oneself physically.
  • Do I as a parent need to ski with them during the outings?
    No, but we encourage parents to come out and ski with us both as an excuse to go skiing and also to support the coaches. Often we will need to call upon parents to help out on the trail, either skiing with a slower skier(s), adding a little wax to kids skis, helping out with games etc.
  • I can't keep up with my kid on skis.
    Perfect, a coach will always ski with the front of the pack, it’s great to have parents traveling at a relaxed pace to assist any slower skiers.
  • My child can't make it to all the practices, is that a problem?
    Missing a ski session is fine… but we have noticed that going to as many sessions as possible raises our fitness level, making the longer ski outings more enjoyable/possible.
  • I need to pick up my child early, can they leave the group to meet me since you'll be going past it?
    Kids may depart early if necessary but, only if a coach makes contact with the parent who is meeting the skier. Kids may not depart otherwise both for their safety and our liability. There will always be a designated start and end location.
  • I may occasionally be late dropping them off, can they just catch up with you?
    No. You need to make sure they find our group, we do not always go to the same location. If you can’t tell us you are here, do not leave your child at the site.
  • I may occasionally be late for pick-up, that's acceptable?
    Unfortunately not because by the end of the ski session the coaches/parents are sweaty and damp too. We cool off very quickly, so we don’t enjoy waiting around very much. We realize we are occasionally late (although we try very hard not to be) getting back to the parking lot, we apologize but on the plus side, you get to wait in a warm car.


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