All my life I have been anxious to see what lies on the other side of the hill, and at the same time I have never failed to enjoy the scenery along the way. - Jackrabbit Johannsen


There is nothing better than the fresh air and friendship that comes with being a part of Chelsea Nordiq.  Except perhaps the awesome skiing, adventuring, racing, touring, biathlon shooting, exploring, or training we do year round.  We love to ski and be around all things skiing.  And we love to hang out with others with the same inclination.

Our club is volunteer run, community minded, and all about instilling a passion for skiing for life.  Whether you are an experienced racer, a dedicated ski tourer or new to the sport, we have programs to suit all ages and all abilities in both cross-country skiing and biathlon.

Click on the corresponding Ski Program to view a detailed description. If you are curious about what a season’s worth of training looks like, visit our training site.

To join us, please read all about our programs to know what you want to register for.  Then click the REGISTER NOW button with your credit card at the ready.

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Nordic Programs (Note: Biathlon is further below)
To learn more about how membership fees are structured, click here. 
ProgramDescriptionRegistration OpensSeason StartPracticesFee
BunnyrabbitIntroduction to skiing for children 4 - 12.Sept.1-2017Jan. 6-Mar. 10, 20181 /week$85
JackrabbitIntroduction to skiing for children 4 - 12.Sept.1-2017Jan. 6-Mar. 10, 20181 /week$95
Adventure RabbitsNon-competitive program focusing on fun & adventure for skiers 9 - 11Sept.1-2017Sept 30, 20172 /week$210
Junior AdventureNon-competitive program focusing on fun & adventure for skiers 12 - 13Sept.1-2017Sept 30, 20172 /week$210
Senior AdventureNon-competitive program focusing on fun & adventure for skiers 14+Sept.1-2017Sept 30, 20172 /week$210
Adult AdventureNon-competitive adult program focusing on adventuring forth for adults 18+Sept.1-2017Sept 30, 20172 /week$125
Track Attack AtomIntroduction to training and racing for skiers aged 8-9 with level Jack Rabbit 4Sept.1-2017Sept.19-20172x /week$180
Track Attack PeeweeIntroduction to training and ski racing for skiers aged 10 - 11 with Jack Rabbit 4Sept.1-2017Sept. 19, 20172-3 /week$290
Track Attack MidgetRegular training and ski racing for skiers 12 - 13Sept.1-2017Sept. 19, 20173 /week$390
Nordic RaceCompetitive race program for skiers 14+ who compete regionally, provincially and nationallySept.1-2017September 12th, 20174 /week~$940 See Zone4 matrix
Adult ProgramA 16 week learn to nordic ski program suitable for adults 18+.Sept.1-20171st week of December1 /week$125
Biathlon Programs
All biathletes must first register with Biathlon Canada before registering with Chelsea Nordiq. Bears should select ‘recreational’ category. All .22 athletes should select the category "Athlete: Senior Boy/Girl or older" and select Chelsea Nordiq as your club. Please keep your receipt. You will need the number to register for Chelsea Nordiq.
To learn more about how membership fees are structured, click here.
ProgramDescriptionRegistration OpensSeason StartPracticesFee
Biathlon BearsIntroduction to biathlon with both introductory and competitive programs using air rifles for 11-14 year olds. Summer program available for Racing Bears only.Sept.1-2017September 24th, 20171x per week$185
Racing BearsCompetitive biathlon program using air rifles for 14 year olds. Summer program also available as an option.Sept.1-2017September 24th, 20172-3x per week$490
Biathlon Elite & RacingGeared to youth (Elite and Racing programs) aged 15 and up who want to compete.  Athletes train 1x, 2x, or 3x per week with .22 rifles.Sept.1-2017September 24th, 2017
1x per week$310
2x per week$610
3x per week$700