Each year at our AGMs, the club membership elects a new executive following the procedure outlined in our charter.

For 2018, the AGM is MAY 9th at the Cascades Club, 100 ch de la riviere, Chelsea (QC).  7pm  Food and Drink provided.  Learn about our strategic direction, come contribute, hear where you can gain new skills by doing cool things.

The Club executive for the 2017-2018 season is as follows.

To contact someone, use the prefix of the email with  Example, President ->  president@ with

President – Frank Lohmann (president@)

Vice President – Carolyn Raab (vp@)

Secretary – Meg Nichols (secretary@)

Treasurer – Marc Gervais (treasurer@)

Director Nordic Race – Vic Veinotte  (nr-dir@)

Director Nordic Adventure – Nick Anning (adventure-dir@)

Program Director Biathlon – Pierre Dupuis (biath-dir@)

Directors at large – Pat Audet, Michael Billowits, Jamie Kallio

Head Coach – Moe Samm (headcoach@)

Manager – Katie McMahon (manager@)

Registrar – Jenny Sanchez (registrar@)

Website – web-coord@

Club Charter

The Chelsea Nordiq Charter can be found here.

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