Each year at our AGMs, the club membership elects a new executive following the procedure outlined in our charter.

The Club executive for the 2017-2018 season is as follows.

To contact someone, use the prefix of the email with  Example, President ->  president@ with

President – Frank Lohmann (president@)

Vice President – Carolyn Raab (vp@)

Secretary – Meg Nichols (secretary@)

Treasurer – Marc Gervais (treasurer@)

Director Nordic Race – Vic Veinotte  (nr-dir@)

Director Nordic Adventure – Nick Anning (adventure-dir@)

Program Director Biathlon – Pierre Dupuis (biath-dir@)

Directors at large – Pat Audet, Michael Billowits, Jamie Kallio

Head Coach – Moe Samm (headcoach@)

Manager – Katie McMahon (manager@)

Registrar – Jenny Sanchez (registrar@)

Website – web-coord@

Club Charter

The Chelsea Nordiq Charter can be found here.

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